Saturday, February 15, 2014

Run around the Pines 5k Race Recap

This morning, I ran Track Shack's Run Around the Pines 5k in Winter Park, FL. G wasn't running this one with me. I've been pretty congested all week but was determined to run anyways (even if I ended up walking more than usual). I surprisingly woke up feeling pretty great and MOST of my congestion was gone (at least both nostrils were clear anyways! It was a little chilly out when I left the house (Mid-50's) but not as bad as it was during my last race when it was in the 40's. I wore the same thing as last time (long sleeve dri-fit shirt and pants). I also wore my new bondiband that I got from Tri and Run and loved it! It covered my ears to keep them warm and kept my earbuds in + kept my ear back and the sweat out of my eyes! Best $9 I've spent in a while!

this is the Bondiband I have, get it here

I ran my typical 3/1's while listening to Glut Pop on iHeartRadio (my usual running music) and am happy to report I didn't stray off of them ONCE., stuck to them to the tee! There were a ton of kids participating in this race (it left from the road outside an elementary school and ended at the high school track so looks like they advertised it with the schools as I saw a bunch of young kids in neon yellow shirts representing their school) and I was worried they'd congest the roadways like in the U Can Finish 2 Miler. This was not the case at all (roads were wider than the path at UCF) and it was a very nice run through a residential area of Winter Park, mostly shaded roads with trees and finished on the Cady Way Trail (which is a very nice trail!) before the finish line that was just off the Cady Way trail ending at the Stadium/Track. I was surprised that they only had one water stop, but since I always run with a water bottle it didn't really effect me. Normally, Track Shack has two in their 5k's. 

My only complaint about this race was the fact that I parked at the elementary school and apparently didn't realize I was going to be STUCK in the parking lot until all the finishers crossed the finish line. I suppose it's my own fault for not looking at the course but a) they should have warned us/put up signs b) I also thought there was an exit on the other side of the parking lot but instead it was a loop. It wouldn't have been a huge deal except I was trying to get home by a certain time as G had somewhere to be. I didn't make it in time but luckily my inlaws were able to watch EM for the 20 minute overlap. (Gotta love them living down the street!) This race is the 2nd to last in the Track Shack Running Series, my last one is in March and is a 10k + 2 Miler Distance Dare!  

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 35:16 (overall pace of 11:21) 
Place: 858 of 1357 Finishers
Place: 392 of the 756 Women Finishers
Place: 54 of 78 in my Women’s Age Division (25-29)
My RunKeeper stats:
3.14 miles in 35:20 (overall pace of 11:14) 
Fastest Mile: #1 at 11:11
Slowest Mile: #3 at 11:27

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