Monday, December 2, 2013


all bundled up

Black Friday is not just for shopping! As a UCF Fan it meant wearing black for our blackout game against USF and having a blast tailgating. We hate USF and it took us until Friday to FINALLY beat them. In the past they really weren't that much better than us when they beat us, and this year we are SOOO much better than them and they ALMOST beat us. It was a rough game to watch, way too many interceptions and fumbles and just crappy playing by the Knights, but we did it, we finally beat our rival USF. Tailgating was fun even if the game was stressful to watch. We brought EM for the tailgate portion since it was beautiful outside. She was pretty cranky though (she has a cold and is hardcore teething - has gotten all 4 teeth in one month and is working on cutting her 5th) and since we knew the temperatures were going to drop, my wonderful mother in law took her when she left tailgating so that we both could stay for the game. I left in the 3rd quarter because I had a massive headache and wanted to get home to EM (even though she was sleeping, I still felt bad not leaving with her when she was feeling sick). I listened to the end of game on the radio during the 45 min ride home and it was definitely a nail biter. Final Score: 23 to 20. Whew!  

Plus we moved (some back) up in all the rankings this week (surprisingly, considering how terrible we played) Up to 15 (from 17) in the AP; up to 17 (from 19) in the USA Today; and up to 16 (from 19) in the BCS - breaking all UCF records in the polls!

A few fun photos from tailgating and the game. 

Giant Size Beer Pong
EM had fun playing in it (no there wasn't beer in it)
our Knight mascot
Jacob was sporting all our UCF Swag
hey, they don't sell beer in there!

My love and I

Sami's Shenanigans

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