Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday

It's that time again, FIVE ON FRIDAY!

(UNO) I went to Mexico last weekend on a cruise so felt like counting in Spanish. The cruise was as great of a time as EM's first cruise (same ship, went to same place in Cozumel, most of the same people) This time though, I made $25 in the casino and my Gram came too! Just a few pics from our fun weekend cruise: 
if you look closely, you can see her pig tails!

EM and Great Gram

EM and Auntie Danielle

(DOS) My sister and her husband finally announced their pregnancy on Facebook so I can finally blog about it! I've known since the day she found out and have been bursting with joy for them! I'm so excited for them. They are going to be amazing parents! They are due in July and I can't wait to have another little niece or nephew (and a cousin for EM)! The announcement that they posted on Christmas Day and was too cute: 

(TRES) We hosted our first ever Christmas Eve party. Remember how I was complaining about doing the Holiday Shuffle? Well this Christmas was stress-free and enjoyable! The party went great! We had a very exciting White Elephant Gift Exchange (with lots of steals and frozen items) and even got my Gram to do a shot of jäger (she doesn't ever drink). I do wish we took some more pics though but otherwise I think everyone had a great time! Christmas morning, just the 3 of us got up and did gifts, EM seemed to enjoy it as much as I was expecting for a 13 month old. (Paper was more exciting than the gifts). We got her a Disney monopoly game (well we were buying it regardless for her when she's older but made it "for her" so there would be more gifts under the tree and she doesn't know the difference) so G and I played after presents (I won, we played again last night and I won again, woohoo!) and then my inlaws came over to exchange gifts with us. We finished the morning/afternoon with watching the Tim Allen Santa Claus movies. We then went to his parents for dinner since they live down the street and had a wonderful ham dinner. We called it a night early and watched more movies, ELF! :) My siblings (or at least my brother) and I used to play monopoly often on Christmas so it was kind of nice to be playing it again, even if it wasn't with them. We'll be celebrating Christmas with my siblings and my parents on Saturday! 

(QUATRO) I went after Christmas Shopping Thursday morning and got some great deals! I'm sure if I would have went out even earlier I could have gotten more but by 9:30 the stores had some stuff but not a huge selection and were dead (no people, no lines) I was shocked. I always thought it was supposed to be crazy the day after Christmas!  Everyone else I talked to said their stores were crazy busy, I must have gotten lucky. Here are just a few of the great deals I got I won't bore you with all of them (got a TON of lights since we're definitely decorating the outside next year and our fence) 

From Bealls (a Florida Store): 3 outfits for EM plus her next year Christmas PJ's, a Christmas Frame and a set of  Sparkly Presents that I feel will look cute next to put tree next year all for $38! I'm pretty sure the sparkly presents was only supposed to be a set of 3 but they weren't marked well so the lady said to take them all as a set. Score!

From Kirklands: 3 framed Christmas pictures (I plan to hang two of them in place of our normal pictures in our "Christmas Tree" room during the holidays - and one somewhere else,just not sure yet) and the 3 presents are metal and have stands so thinking all I'll put those out front of the front door next year. All for $22!

From Target: this was the only outdoor decoration left when I got there around 10:30am besides wreaths - it was still $30 but way better than full price! Will go nicely next to our light up rattan reindeer (which we haven't put outside yet since we didn't have anything else to go with it) 

From Old Navy: Got these two adorable shirts (for next year) and 3 pairs of socks for around $11. 

(CINCO) My best friend Kelly stopped bye today on her way home from her parents on her way back to Boca. I love that I live right off the turnpike so that I'm an easy stop and I get to see her on her trips! I haven't seen her since October when we did DATW and it was great to be able to spend a few hours catching up with her!

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