Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bachelor Fantasy League

It’s Juan-uary! My guilty pleasure, the Bachelor has started back up! I don’t watch much “reality TV” – really only the Bachelor/Bachelorette (and I will probably watch Teen Mom 2 when it airs as well) but that’s not much compared to a lot of other people. I never watched it until I started dating G. He went up to PA for a funeral with his parents, they got him to watch it, and he got hooked on the drama/entertainment. Ever since then, we’ve been watching all the seasons (I wish Bachelor Pad would come back, that was the best!). Turns out, lots of our friends watch it as well (guy and gals) and last season we decided to make it into a Fantasy League.  We did some google searches and found a lot of other people have done this and we made up our rules based on the rules from a bunch of different leagues.  The group of us (12) playing consisted of some friends from work (including my boss and his wife), my in-laws, and our neighbors. We even got together a few times to watch it with some of them and Facebook group message (commentary) throughout the episode. We played just for fun (no bets – only because my boss could get in trouble for it so we decided it wasn’t worth it). KW won last season with 3635 points, followed by JL (3191) and my Father in Law (3188).  Yep, two guys made the top 3! This year our league dropped to 9 people (same people as last year minus a few) and we are also doing a separate league without my boss and his wife with the other 7 of us with a small friendly wager of $10 each. (1st Place gets: $35, 2nd Place gets $25, 3rd Place gets $10). 

Here are the rules we play by – I’ll do a separate follow up post on the results of the first night. I’ll be using JP for Juan Pablo, much easier to type and these were updated from the last season (Last season we had specific things to Des).

·       NO SPOILERS!
o    Everyone must give their scout’s honor not to read spoilers (this was tough for me as I LOVE reading Reality Steve)
·       Picking a Team:    
o   Everyone starts out (before the first episode airs) by selecting 5 contestants that they think will go all the way (only research allowed is by reading the abc.com profiles). Yes, it is possible to have all 5 of your girls go home the first week, but you could still win with elimination bets. Your Team is due to League Manager before the airing of the first episode. (For this season, we did wait until after the “Special Sunday” episode to make our picks as we thought they were going to do more introductions of the girls, but unfortunately the 6 they introduced didn’t really help that much – so team picks were due before Last Night’s Episode aired)
·       Elimination Bets:
o   Each episode, each team gets 200 points to allocate to who they think will be sent home (ex: all 200 pts on Alli, 20pts on 10 different girls, 100 on 2 different girls, etc)  Elimination bets are due to the League Manager (me) by
·       Earning Points:
o   FIRSTS (if one of the girls on your team is the first in the season to do one of the below things, you get 100 points)
§  Kiss JP (passionate kiss, pecks don’t count)
§  Receive the First Impression Rose
§  Give JP a gift
§  Sing a Song
§  Appear alone in the hot tub with JP
§  Appear in a helicopter with JP
§  Discuss the death of a parent/signifcatny other/sibling etc
§  Mention parents loving relationship
§  Mention JP’s daughter, Camila
§  Mention that she’d be a good influence on JP’s daughter, Camila
§  Mention Des to JP
§  Has a body part censored by ABC
§  Tells JP she loves him
§  Speaks Spanish to JP
§  Makes it to Hometown Dates (50 pts)
§  Makes it to Top 3 (75 pts)
§  Makes it to Finale (100 pts)
§  Winner (150 pts)
o   WEEKLY ACTIVITIES (once per girl, per episode)
§  20 Points Each
·       Involved in a real kiss
·       Swears
·       Mentions Parents loving relationship
·       Cries
·       Travels by Helicopter
§  30 Points Each
·       Sings a Song for JP (Double if original)
·       Alone in Hot or Bath Tub with JP
·       Interrupts another contestant’s alone time with JP
·       Uses the term “steal JP away” during interruption
·       Has a body part censored by ABC
·       Receives a rose on a group date
·       Gets a 1-on-1 Date (until 2-on-1 dates end)
·       Gets into a fights (words or physical)
·       Tells  JP about other(s) not there for the right reasons
·       Recites a poem for JP (double if poem starts with “roses are red”)
§  50 Points Each
·       Reads date card
·       Survives 2-on-1 date
·       Vomits
·       Receives first given rose at Rose Ceremony
·       Stays overnight BEFORE the Fantasy Suite
·       Surprises JP with an unplanned meetup

During each episode, G and I keep track of the girls that do these various things and we have a shared excel sheet on Google Docs that we log everything into. It’s a little bit of work and often times we have to rewind to see who did/said what, but we really enjoyed it last season, so we’re looking forward to the mind-numbing entertainment of Juan Pablo’s girls this season! For Week 1 Recap and Fantasy League Standings, click here!

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