Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: Week 1

All I have to say is woah, Juan Pablo is super hot! (Sorry G, love you!) There is no denying that man of his attractive attributes! And his daughter is adorable! To be honest though, after the first episode, he seems kind of lame. Maybe he was just nervous. I feel like he’d be a fun-loving kind of guy so I hope I’m wrong with calling him lame. After Des last season, we’ll need more than Fantasy to keep it fun if he’s lame too!  Although, if they keep his shirt off, I’ll be happy with that. ;) There wasn’t too much drama for the first week just wanted to comment on a few things….

  • Seriously with some of these professions?? Free Spirit? Dog Lover? Just admit if you are unemployed, don’t try to glorify it.
  • Lucy seems like a whack job, so she’ll probably be there for a few weeks for the drama of it before getting kicked off for being TOO free-spirited. I’d think JP would want someone a little more grounded to be a step-mother to his kid.
  • Lauren H was clearly not ready to be dating again and should have sent herself home, thankfully JP didn’t try to keep  her. I felt bad for the girl who was trying to be nice and helpful to her, although that girl (can’t remember who it was) should have been trying to chat with JP, I can’t recall if she made the cut or not.
  • I really like Andi, although I hope she’s not too serious for JP. She seems smart with a good head of her shoulders and serious about the future.
  • Nikki was too cute! Her preview showing her as pediatric nurse was adorable!   I bet she’d be a good mom!
  • Sharleen didn’t seem that into him and I thought her calling him Sir was super weird, but I also don’t believe in “love at first sight” so that doesn’t mean she won’t develop feelings for him. Seriously, the girls crying after getting sent home, wow, you don’t know him enough to cry about him, grow up.
  • I also liked the single mom, Renne, but Sarasota and Miami are many hours apart so I’m curious what her relocation possibilities are with the custody arrangement of her son as it seems like JP is expecting his future wife to move to Miami. However, I don’t like how two single parents immediately think they both have SO MUCH in common, just because they are single parents. Yes, I think that’s a huge deal and something another single parent can understand better than someone without kids, but there is more to life than just that. Granted, based on her preview, it did seem like they were both into a lof of the same things.
Ok that’s enough, on to the Fantasy League and I’m already down to only 2 Girls left on my team!
I’m only statusing the “Money League” as we all know when money is on the line, things get a little more fun (competitive)! Plus, I didn’t really feel like doing this twice, especially since everyone but me (ME below) and DS has the same teams in both leagues (I kind of wish I kept them the same to make it easier, but too late now).

Received a Rose:
Alli, Amy L, Andi, Cassandra, Chantel, Chelsie, Christi, Clare, Danielle, Elise, Kat, Kelly, Lauren S, Lucy, Nikki, Renee, Sharleen, Victoria

Sent Packing:
Alexis, Amy J, Ashley, Christine, Kylie, Lacy, Lauren H, Maggie, Valerie

Money League Standings after Week 1
JL: 320
JR: 250
LL: 200
DS: 180
ME: 75
KW: 60
SR: 0

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren H, Christine, Victoria
JR: Amy L, Christi, Elise, Kat, Victoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, Elise, Lucy, Valerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, Kat, Andi
ME: Alexis, Christi, Kat, Lacy, Valerie
SR: Alexis, Amy L, Chelsie, Kat, Lauren S
KW: Alexis, Ashley, Chelsie, Lauren H, Valerie

Points Earned:
Receive the First Impression Rose: Sharleen (100)
Give JP a gift: Maggie (100) – not on any teams
Discuss death of a parent, etc: Elise (100)
Speak Spanish to JP:  Chantal (100)
Cries: Lauren H (20)
Receives first given rose at Ceremony: Clare (50) – not on any teams

Eliminations Points:
JL:  Danielle, Kylie (100 pts each) – 200 earned
JR:  Amy J, Danielle, Kylie, Lacy (50 pts each) – 150 earned
LL:  Ashley, Renee (100 pts each) – 100 earned
DS: Alexis, Alli, Amy J, Amy L, Ashley, Cassandra, Chantal, Chelsie, Christine, Christy, Clare, Danielle, Elise, Kelly, Kylie, Lauren H, Lucy, Maggie, Renee, Valerie (10 pts each) – 80 earned
ME: Victoria, Clare, Ashley, Christine, Danielle, Maggie, Renee, Sharleen (25 pts each) – 75 earned
KW: Kelly, Danielle, Victoria, Christine, Lucy (40 pts each) – 40 earned
SR:  Kelly, Lucy (100 pts each) – ZERO earned

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