Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

I ran the Inaugural Walt Disney World 10k this morning, yes on a work day – and somehow still made it to work by 9:20! Full race recap to come over the weekend, but until then check out the sweet medal!

This weekend I’m going to work on putting together a strength training plan. I got resistance bands and kettle bells for Christmas and I want to start incorporating them into my workouts (currently all I do now is run/walk). Any suggestions? I’m going to start with adding this in at least one day a week. It should be at least two days a week, but I need to get back into a routine so I’ll start with just one.


As I was running this morning, it got me thinking about how many different races I’ve participated in. I used to keep track of them on Daily Mile and then I started using Run Keeper and now I keep track of everything on an excel spreadsheet but it didn’t capture all of my previous races so I decided to compile a list and keep here on the blog and add to it as I complete more. The times listed are my “official chip times” unless the race wasn’t shipped and then it’ll be my own timing of it. To date I’ve completed 26 official races. Not bad, especially considering I only running races in April of 2010. If you are interested, here is a list of all of them.

Today completed EM’s first week in her new classroom, Toddler A, at Day Care. This was a big move for her because in Toddler A,  they take naps on mats, not in cribs. Apparently she’s doing well with that. I’m shocked. She only ever sleeps in her crib, pack’n’play, swing, or car seat, so a mat on the floor seemed like it was going to be tough to get her to fall asleep, but they say they just pat her back and she eventually goes to sleep. They also are on a strict curriculum, changing activities every 15 minutes. They also do a lot more educational stuff and play outside. She’s come home with 2-3 pages of things she did each day. They are teaching her how to color as well. All of this in one week. 

EM and I have a play date tomorrow with some of the neighbors. We're excited :) 


  1. the new day care class looks like it's going to be great!

    1. She seems to be doing pretty good in it and comes home with so much stuff everyday! They definitely are keeping her busy! I never really felt bad as bad for trees as I do now though lol


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