Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow through Friday - Week 1

Well it's my first week reporting in for Follow through Friday and I'm excited that I've followed my (exercise) plan all week!

Monday (Stretch & Strength)
I did the strength training that I mentioned on Tuesday, which was great to start the week off with! I didn't really know what was meant by stretching, so I just did my calf stretching that my foot doctor recommended for my Plantar Fascitis.

Tuesday (2.5 Mile Run)
I did my 2.5 mile run with my interval program (also mentioned on Tuesday) on the treadmill. I stuck to it pretty well, 100% for the 1st mile and then did reduce some of the "jogging" intervals to 5.5 MPH (from 6 MPH) but still ended strong on a sprint interval and definitely felt worked out hard from that run. Like, I felt like I got a better work out in 2.5 miles than I got after my 5.2k this weekend. Granted I didn't really push my self in the 5.2k but glad the intervals are making me burn!

Wednesday (Cross Training)
I wasn't really sure what to do for cross training, but I decided just walking would do. Even though I was only scheduled for 30 minutes, I ended up doing 41 mins (which equaled 2.3 miles) since I was watching Pretty Little Liars and that's how long the episode was without commercials.

Thursday (Rest Day)
Well, Rest Day was what was in the plan, but I decided to switch it up with my Friday's plan since I ate wayyy too much at lunch (it was our monthly Pizza Day at work and I over indulged). I decided to just make my rest day on Friday instead. So I ran 2 miles in 21:50 (10:55 pace) after doing 2 circuits of strength training (the new plan subbing out burpees for mountain climbers).

Friday (2 Mile Run + Strength)
Will be my rest day today :)  - will continue with my Friday through Thursday results next week on Follow through Friday :)

Oh yea, and I decided that my new running shoes are not quite right for my feet (my toes were going numb even though they weren't tied tight) so I'll be going back to Tri & Run to exchange them out. I only wore them for 3.5 miles total (all on the treadmill) and they said I could bring them back, thankfully!!



  1. Great job this week! Thanks for linking up--

  2. Good job sticking with your workouts this week!

    1. Thanks! I was even pleasantly surprised on the scale this morning!

  3. Congratulations on following through! Keep it up :)
    - Jesi


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