Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home Decor - A Totally Posted Tuesday Link up

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We moved into our new house almost a year ago (closed 10/29, formally moved in on 11/2). Since we built the house, all the walls started stark white. (the builder only had the option to paint the entire house one color, so we chose to leave it white since we knew we wanted to paint most of the rooms different colors). Before we actually moved in, we had 4 rooms painted (we aren’t good at it and wanted it to look nice, so there is no DIY painting going on in this house) and to date those are the only 4 rooms that are actually “decorated”. Well our master is still a work in progress but the living room, study, and EM’s room are complete. We’re sick at staring at plain white walls and want to decorate some of the rooms to “complete” them and hang our TV’s on the walls but can’t really do that until we get them painted. We also decided that we want to do a little reconfiguring. We currently have two guest rooms, fully furnished and the treadmill in the middle of the game/play room (which is a big open loft like area when you come upstairs, not a separate room). We decided to sell the furniture of the downstairs guest room (which someone from Craigslist is picking up tomorrow!!) and move the treadmill into that room and make it into a "home gym" and have only one guest room (we always have two complete living room sets for guests to sleep on if we ever have THAT many guests spending the night!). This will allow the game/play room to actually be what it supposed to be and not have a giant treadmill in the middle of it. So now we’re trying to pick out colors… I HATE picking out paint colors. At our last house, I hated what we chose in some of the rooms and we painted it ourselves so I never wanted to try to fix it or pay anyone to come fix it so I just got used to it. So far the color choices we’ve made for the 4 previously mentioned rooms, I still love, so that’s good. We have a painter coming next Thursday, and so far we only have 1.5 colors kind of picked out. We’re having the home gym room, mud room, downstairs hall, and game/play room painted which feeds into the stair case/stairwell (what is it actually called?) and upstairs hallways. We used the below picture as inspiration for the home gym room color and I want some sort of mint green color for the one main wall in the game/play room knowing I want something more neutral coming off of it and into the hallways and stairs.Once I post a picture it'll make more sense, I promise. Ugh such a difficult decision as I know I’m not going to want to pay to get it repainted if I don’t like it. Any suggestions? 

home gym color inspiration

game/play room accent wall inspiration

So I took a picture of the current play room and uploaded it on behr.com and started playing around with some combinations on their Color Smart tool. It kind of gives you an idea of what it will look like, even seems to factor in how it'll look against the light glare. 
and one more shot with a lighter color:



I'm leaning towards the lighter color... I don't want something too much in your face when you first walk upstairs, but I also want something FUN but not too juvenile that I'll want to repaint when the kid(s) are like 7. So what are your thoughts? the wall with the windows will definitely be the wall I paint and the the walls with the doors and wall you can't see will be the lighter neutral color that feeds into the hall way.

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  1. I like the lighter color! Good luck, I think decorating a whole house would be so intimidating. Thanks for linking up, love! xoxo

  2. Very intimidating! It's a 4,000 sq ft house and I'm horribly cheap and have no idea what looks good together so it's not a good combination!


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