Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend totally fits in with the Weekend Shenanigans link up!

What a game Friday night for my UCF Knights!! I didn’t watch most of the game until the 2nd half because my parents were in town so I was chatting with them and my mother in law but had the game was on in the background. We knew every time something big happened because of the cheering (or cursing at times) coming from upstairs where G, his dad, and our buddy Will were watching the game on the big screen. About the end of the 3rd quarter I started watching a little more closely and by the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter I was on the edge of my seat! We had a few friends at the game and I was totally jealous! I know how it felt when we went to the Penn State game and won, I’m sure this was even better. For us Knights to beat out the #8 ranked team in the country; that was HUGE! It is our biggest win in UCF Football program history! I’m glad that I at least got to see it on TV! No pics since we were just watching it at home, but my friends who were at the game sent us this one:

Plus Sunday’s rankings came out, and as happy as I am to be ranked, considering how some of the other teams did, I was a little disappointed we weren’t ranked a little higher, but we’ll take it! Even more excited for the game on Saturday vs UCONN!!

On Saturday, G and I and 10 of our family members and friends hit up the Food and Wine at Disney’s Epcot to Drink around the World. (DATW) We’ve done this several years (sometimes more than once a year) in a row now (last year I was pregnant, and it was not fun for me, but every other time has been a blast! ). This year one of my best friends and her fiancé drove up from South Florida to join us. For being mid-October, it was freaking hot (like 90 degrees), my Dad’s poor face got soo burned! I wanted to take pics in every country and keep track of what I got in each one (to blog about it), but after a few drinks, that idea went out the window. We always start and end in the Rose and Crown pub in England and Saturday was no exception. EM came along with us and enjoyed all the extra attention from everyone! We’re those type of people who don’t let having kids stop us from having a good time. All of our friends love her, plus she had her aunties and uncles and both sets of Grandparents with her, so she was well taken care of once Mommy had one too many. I LOVE the fact that my family gets along so well with my in-laws and that we can all get together and do things together! Because we stayed on Disney Property (we stayed at the Disney All Star Sports Resort so we didn’t have to worry about driving) we got to test out the new Magic Bands. Only select people get to try them out, they function as your room key, park admission, fast passes, your way to use your meal plan, and also your credit card. The last part was dangerous as I apparently got reallllly generous towards the end of the night and kept swiping my band and was buying everyone (very expensive Disney priced) drinks. My bill on Sunday morning was not a nice surprise! Oh well, totally worth it! Can’t wait until the next time we DATW!! Some how I didn't get any group pictures but here are a few of the many we took! and there were apparently a few videos that G just showed me... yea, those are not going up in blog land, or facebook! 
this was before I changed my shirt, it was TOO hot to not be in a tank

every ime we do DATW, I go on a hat stealing spree lol
Love my Sister!

in Germany, more than half way around the world

G and I in Germany

EM playing the drums in Mexico

Carish I-Bombs

boys being silly and photo bombing us
notice a different hat lol

On Sunday, I took a much needed nap to recover from Saturday and then had a Target/Panera date with EM at since Daddy was sleeping since he had to work at midnight (night shift this week, boo!)
she loves the shopping cart

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