Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's your Excuse?

This morning, my cube mate at work asked if I had heard about the picture floating around FB with the really fit mom and 3 kids saying “what’s your excuse” – I told her I hadn’t and she explained that this picture was getting all sorts of criticism but her and I agree that we think it’s great that she’s a fit mom.  So later today I log into FB and low and behold one of my FB friends had posted a link to the picture and article so I went and read it all. I think this lady is awesome. I get how she can come off patronizing and people could take what she’s saying poorly and maybe she was over the top and straight forward with her statement but she’s absolutely right! No, we may not ever get as fit as she is, but that wasn’t the point she was trying to make. It’s easy for me to say well she must be naturally skinny, and look she has no stretch marks, and a ton of other negative things but you know what that’s not going to do anything for me. So many people use kids, jobs, etc. as crutches when it comes to getting healthy. “I don’t have enough time” is the most common thing I hear and it’s an excuse I often use myself but you know what? that is not true. I will not use EM as my excuse as to why I don’t have enough time to exercise and eat better. She is not my crutch and your children shouldn’t be yours either.

 I CHOOSE to sleep in until the last possible minute each day (and even later on the weekends), I CHOOSE to watch TV lying in bed or on the couch, I CHOOSE to make bad food decisions. Those are all choices I am making that impact me, my health, and my fitness goals. I may never get rid of my horrendous stretch marks (and one day I WILL rock a 2 piece again with my tiger stripes and all) but I can get rid of excuses. This lady says she works out for an hour a day (30 mins cardio/30 mins strength), 5 to 6 times a week. That really isn’t THAT much. I could walk/run on the treadmill while watching my nightly shows or get up earlier if I really WANTED to. I could cut out my excessive alcohol and binge drinking if I WANTED to (I don’t lol). I could spend the extra couple minutes each day preparing my meals rather than grabbing something frozen or processed if I WANTED to.  As a mother of one, and eventually a mother of at least one more (no I’m not pregnant) I don’t want my kids to see all the excuses and commitments to myself that I keep breaking. That is not an example I want EM to follow.  I have made a conscious effort to buy and eat more fruits and veggies for my snacks and add to my meals, to take EM on more walks (she loves them!), exercise more. It’s not enough yet (I still can’t fit into most of the clothes in my closet) but it’s all about baby steps and I will get there and I will be proud of myself and I know EM will be proud as well.

the controversial picture

One of the blog’s I follow HungryRunnerGirl had a post about why she thinks working out actually makes her a better parent  which she linked from another writer's article about why being a fit mom doesn't make you a selfish mom, and I couldn’t agree more with both of these women! There are only positive things to come from being active and healthy. A great role model for your children, overall self confidence, feeling good, being active WITH your children, and the list goes on. I encourage all to read the posts I linked to above. They are great and exactly how I feel! 

When I first went back to work after my maternity leave ended, it was really difficult for me to balance my working out and spending time with EM. I felt guilty if I spent time working out rather than with her. There were only a few hours between getting home from work and her bed time and once she went to bed I didn’t ‘feel’ like working out. I’m more of a “right when I get home from work” type of work out girl. After expressing my thoughts with G, we came up with a solution. Now on the days I want to work out, he picks EM up from school so that I get that extra half hour to hit the gym and don’t “lose” it with driving and going into the classroom etc. It still probably cuts into my time with her, but not as much and it makes me happier knowing I get to work out AND spend time with her. Double Win! or sometimes, like tonight, we go for a walk together :)

So I kind of went out on a personal tangent there, but bottom line is, stop hating on a woman for making the choice to be healthy! It doesn’t mean she’s saying just because she looks like that (and she DOES look amazing IMO) anyone can, but more that she didn’t let something (her kids) become an excuse. I don’t think her intention was to ever make others feel bad, but to be a motivation to other mothers (and others in general) to throw away any and all excuses if there is something you truly want!


  1. The reality though is that anyone CAN look like her, sure it might take someone more than an hour a day, but it can be done if you want it bad enough.

    1. Some people will never get there completely but everyone CAN improve!

    2. I CAN look like her, but it'd take way too much plastic surgery.

    3. I don't think her intent is for people to try to look like her, just stop making excuses IF you want to improve how you feel/look.


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