Sunday, October 27, 2013


I only maybe mentioned it a few times in the last week, but what can I say, I was super excited for the UCF game this week. I had missed the last big home game so I was even more excited for this one. The game started at noon but EM and I arrived around 9am to tailgate. (G, his Dad, and some of our other friend arrived at 7am, but I value sleep much more than them). The weather was a little on the chilly side for us Floridians. I think it was in the high 60's when we go there. I put a blanket and some toys out for EM in our tent and she had a blast! Of course she got lots of loving from all our friends as well! I was also excited because during tailgates is when I always get a good change to catch up with my childhood friends (Amanda and Jaime) who are also huge UCF fans!
see it's dark and EMPTY when the early birds get there!

EM really enjoyed the tailgate and I was surprised she hadn't fallen asleep on the walk over to the stadium (it's a good half mile walk from where we tailgate to the stadium) since it was her nap time. I was thinking to myself this wasn't going to be good, she does get a little cranky when she's tired. I was told they had a place to leave strollers once inside the stadium, but no one mentioned anything when I walked in and since it was a small umbrella stroller, we just collapsed it and brought it up to our seats with us (which are the top row of the lower bowl so there is a decent amount of space) -- BEST.IDEA.EVER!  EM fell asleep in the stroller during the first few minutes of the game, and slept through 3 touchdowns and lots of cheering! She didn't sleep as long as she normally does (only lasted about 30 mins rather than her usual hour) but wasn't cranky when she woke up, so I was happy! It also got super hot in the sun - she went from her jeans, socks, onesie, and jacket to just her onesie and a ton of sunscreen. I swear it had to of hit 90 degrees in the sun! I was dying in my jeans and t-shirt! 
my little angel sleeping through 3 TD's
After EM woke up, we played "pass the baby" with all the people who wanted to hold her - she didn't whine once! During half time, Steph and I took her for a walk around the stadium in the shade. UCF was up 45 to 10 at the half and I was pretty much over the heat so we decided to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter. Is it sad that I whined more than EM? 

UCF ended up winning 62 to 17 making us undefeated in our conference and 6-1 overall!  Official Poll Rankings came out today and it's our highest ranking in UCF history on the AP Poll! Up to 19 (from 21) in the AP; up to 22 (from 25) in the USA Today; and stayed at 23 in the BCS! Keep it up boys!

Oh yea, huge Mommy fail, when I was going to make her sippy cup around 10:15 I realized I had forgotten a sippy cup and/or bottle. We took a quick walk to the UCF bookstore to see if they maybe had some since they sell baby clothes, but nope they didn't. Luckily, Steph was still on her way to meet up so she saved the day and stopped at the store and bought a sippy cup to bring! Whew!

A few more fun pictures:


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