Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am linking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday's Thoughts!
I've been reading Jen's blog on and off for a few months and now recently through bloglovin every day. I love how she posts something daily, I'm not quite there yet but for now I'll link up every once in a while. So here is my first link up for Thursday Thoughts!

- Speaking of bloglovin - I love that there is an app that I can go to and see all the latest posts for the blogs that I follow and that I don't have to look each one up individually to see if the blogger updated (although lately I've been spending way too much time reading blogs, one person mentions another blog and I go look at it and get hooked and follow that one too. I started with just a handful of blogs, now I'm up to 10+)

- so I have the Tower of Terror 10 Miler on Saturday night, WHAT WAS I THINKING signing up for that one? Less than 3 months after my bunionectomy (well I signed up before I knew I was having surgery) and a night time race. The race starts at 10pm, which means at my current pace I won't finish until after midnight, did I ever mention I typically am in bed by 9pm? (yes, even on the weekends!) Plus I was sick the last two days, ran 3.5 miles today to at least try to condition my body for the torture it's going to endure in a few days.

- so apparently it's going around FB and instagram, a "28th" amendment. Guess what folks, there is no 28th amendment! And whereas I do wish there was one that implemented what this fake amendment says, I think it's funny how people will just follow/share/re-post/re-tweet something that they haven't even made sure is true. (although I'm sure I've been guilty of this before myself)

the "28th" Amendment
- G and I switched up our morning routines and this week he's been taking EM to school in the morning (plus he had her all weekend and last friday while I was in Miami) Why'd we switch? Well, I was having to wake her up every single morning and felt bad - plus I didn't want her to start waking up that early on weekends! it's so obvious that he's picking out her outfits and dressing her. She's either in UCF, Phillies, or Eagles clothes. (OK, I lied she actually was in some other outfits the last few days, but that's probably only b/c the rest of her sports clothes were in the dirty laundry) Last Friday he sent her with no pants, then he sent her with jeans under her dress (b/c I commented about her missing pants lol) today her hair was a mess, I just shake my head and laugh about it. I LOVE his effort and the fact that he tries to please my fashion requests. And she's so cute it doesn't matter WHAT she wears! I am definitely enjoying my extra half hour of sleep too:) Thanks G you da best!

No pants, but he remembered the shoes!
(It's an Eagles onesie too)
all ready for the Eagles game

jeans under the dress
messy hair in her Phillies Dress
BTW, I really need to learn HTML, I tried to put these pics side by side so I didn't take up as much space, but then their caption wouldn't align under each picture, sorry folks! 

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  1. Well at least you get to sleep a little later, and g is trying with her outfits. In time he will get it, or do what I did for you guys, lay the outfit out the night before. Love the pictures of her!


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