Thursday, October 3, 2013


"She must be teething" 

That is our go-to joke with EM lately. Our little miss is 10.5 months old and is still all gums. I know every child gets teeth at different ages and some have like 8 by a year old and some have none. It doesn't matter to me when she gets them but it's just funny that since she was like 4 months old everytime she did something new we'd say "she must be teething" and sure enough she never was.

At 4 months, EM is abnormally cranky "she must be teething"

At 6 months, EM is starting to drool more "she must be teething"

At 9 months, EM is sucking her lips and tounge "she must be teething"

At 10.5 months, EM is eating her hands "she must be teething"

One of these days, "she must be teething" will apply, until then we'll continue to joke about it with her adorable all gums smiles :) 

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