Friday, February 14, 2014

Follow Through Friday - Week 3

Saturday (Rest)
I rested on the beach in Cozumel! That was easy!

Sunday (3.5 Mile Run)
After hitting the stupid emergency stop 2 times on the treadmill in the cruise ship gym, I did end up totaling 3.51 miles in 39:32. I forgot my headphones and was running too fast to read so I'm surprised I actually lasted that long. I also did the arm exercises from my circuit each 2x. This wasn't planned but I just felt like doing it, so I did!

Monday (Stretch + Strength)
I had mentioned to my trainer that I never felt sore after my workouts and that I could complete two circuits rather quickly and rather than just increase weight and do triple circuits, he came up with an entirely new plan to switch things up and make them a little more fun. He gave me 4 different circuits (one for each: arms, chest, legs, shoulders/back) and I am to choose two of them and do each twice on my first strength day of the week and then do the other two (twice) on my 2nd strength day). BUT I didn't take the time to read and learn all the different workouts, so I just did 2 circuits of my "old" plan. I will start the news ones on Friday.

Tuesday (2.5 Mile Run)

I ended up having a really bad headache when I got done working but instead of completely throwing in the towel, I decided to at least walk. So I walked 2.5 miles in 45:30, rather slowly because I was reading and I can't walk and read any faster than 3.3 mph. I did bump the incline to 2.0 (I usually keep it at 1.0) since I was doing a slow walk.

Wednesday (35 Mins Cross Training)

I never know what to do for cross training, besides walking, so that's what I did. I ended up doing 45 minutes because I was on the phone chatting away with my sister and that happened to be when we ended the conversation. I had intentions of reading so I put it on 2.0 incline and 3.3 mph so that is where it stayed for 2.46 miles in 45 minutes.

Thursday (Rest)
G and I had a date night planned (we went to Dinner and a Hockey Game) so worked out perfectly that it was a rest day! 

Since I'm off work today and still laying in bed, I'll be doing my friday work out later so next Friday will include this Friday :) That's usually how I plan to do these, last week I just happened to post AFTER my Friday workout. 


  1. You should be very proud that you still worked out while on the cruise ship...I would have said...vacation = vacation from EVERYTHING!

    Great job!

    1. Thanks! I made healthier breakfast choices a few mornings to (Omlettes vs French Toast)!


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