Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've done a Thursday Thoughts post, so figured I'd give a little update. 
Valentine's Day!

On Sunday, we had a houseful as my Aunt and grand parents from NY were visiting so they plus my parents and my sister and her husband all came over to spend the afternoon. I haven't seen the NY family since my sister's wedding in March last year. We all had a great time visiting. We took a Four Generations picture with my Grandfather, Mom, me, and EM. We took one last year as well, it's so neat to see the changes (mostly in EM) but overall the 2014 picture is such a better picture of us all!
March 2013
February 2014

"Devastated" / "You're Lying" / "NO WAY" - just a few of the reactions I've received when I told the people I work with that I'm being rotated off my current program at work. I'm pretty sad about it as I've been on the same program for almost 8 years (including my internship) and really love my "work family" and I think it's pretty obvious they value me the same. I've received some of the nicest compliments about my job performance and how they are going to miss me and my new program is lucky to have me. I know it's going to be a great opportunity for me to learn something new but doesn't make leaving any easier. I start my new role on March 17th. I'll be doing the same job, just on a different program, with different people, and a different supplier(s). I also don't know which suppliers I'll be managing yet and that's frustrating me, but I have a meeting set up with my new manager for Monday to hopefully learn more. 

EM was home from daycare on Monday and Tuesday with "Pink Eye" - I use that term lightly because her eye has never actually been pink when she gets sent home for pink eye. Although, this time it actually was slightly pink so she's on the pink eye meds (which are next to impossible to give her) but now her cough is back so I'm thinking her eye was actually just all goopy and nasty because she was getting a cold again (which is what happened in the past during all her other "pink eye" cases. Two weeks ago  she has a fever for two days and was just miserable but this time she's acting more than fine and was probably enjoying having some extra Mommy time. She's back on the nebulizer for her cough/congestion and is taking it like a champ. She no longer screams like a banshee or tries to rip the mask off her face, she just sits there like a good little girl for her entire treatment. I even had her smiling under the mask! 

EM kept escaping to our home gym while she was home sick and I was trying to get some work done and I'd find her playing on the treadmill, maybe she'll be a runner one day after all (you know, once she actually walks!)

And that concludes my Thursday Thoughts for today, a link-up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

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