Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Follow Through Friday - Week 4

I thought I was starting off semi-strong this week but it turned into an utter failure - here is my Follow through Friday post for Week 4:

Friday (2 Mile Run + Strength) / (Rest)
I have a nasty cold and knowing I had the Run Around the Pines 5k on Saturday, I decided to just rest and switch with my Saturday, which also obviously meant I was going to do more than 2 miles since it was a 5k race.

Saturday (Rest) / (2 Mile Run + Strength)
Even though I was still pretty congested I completed the Run Around the Pines 5k in 35:16 (offical) - full race recap can be found here. After the race I came home (relaxed for a little) and started my new strength workouts. Since I already ran, I figured I'd do the back/shoulders and chest ones (was supposed to be 2x each but I only did them once). Below is what they consisted of. I didn't know what exactly to expect with all these exercises but  they went pretty well, I was definitely exhausted by the end of them - hence why I only did them once! 

30 Jumping Jacks
Girl Push ups – 25
Kettlebell Swings – 25 reps
Dumbbell Flyes – 14 reps 
Crawl Pushups – 5 reps 
Supermans - 25

Mountain Climbers – 35 seconds
Bent over two arm dumbbell row – 10 lbs – 14 reps
Standing Overhead Press 10 lb db overhead – 15 reps
Single Arm DB Row – 14 lbs – 10 reps
Band Lateral Raise – 15 reps
Kettlebell Upright Rows – 25 reps
Russian Twist w/ 8 lb dumbbell – 15 reps, both sides = 1 rep

Sunday (4 Mile Run)
It's been a while since I've ran outside other than official races and since it was a beautiful day out, I took full advantage! Ran 4.05 in 46:48

Monday (Stretch + Strength) / FAIL
Total fail - EM was sick and I was home with her all day and totally used her as an excuse not to exercise. 

Tuesday (3 Mile Run) / FAIL
Tuesday was our Anniversary and we had plans after work to go to dinner to celebrate. I didn't plan around this and by the time we got home I was so stuffed and tired that I just went to bed. 

Wednesday (35 Mins Cross Training) / (3 Mile Walk)
I was about to crawl in to bed and claim defeat because I was exhausted from working and then visiting my friend at the hospital but G encouraged me to go downstairs and exercise instead. He said "you've done so good" and that was enough for me to change into my gym clothes. I ended up walking for 50 minutes and completed 3 miles on 1.5 incline while catching up on some TV shows. So I guess this could either count for the 3 miles I missed Tuesday or 35 minutes of cross training and then some since I usually only walk on these days anyways. Thanks G for the encouragement!

Thursday (Rest)
Didn't make up my missed exercise after all, I was literally in bed by 7:30. I haven't been feeling too great lately and letting that hold me back. Hopefully I'll be back to feeling normal next week! 


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