Monday, February 3, 2014

Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: Week 4

Ok so I'm totally delayed on posting this considering the next episode is on tonight!!

A few comments from the Week 4 Episode

Nikki is super whiny. She used to be my fave, not anymore. I also don't think she's be good for him because she's clearly not into the same things as him (dancing being one of them). Although I think she'll make it pretty far. 

Sharleen is still super awkward. She also is too smart and introverted for him (IMO). And the not wanting kids thing, it wasn't exactlly clear if she meant now or ever, but I'm glad she admitted it to JP but knowing he has a daughter why would she stick around? Maybe she's open to the idea just never was before. Regardless they are awkward together but he really likes her and that's obvious! 

Who is Danielle and how does she keep advancing to the next week when we NEVER see her interact with Juan Pablo? She's gotta be going home soon! I'm betting on her this week.

I thought it was pretty crappy of JP to talk about not wanting to kiss a lot of the girls and then to go make out with Clare. He could has justified it by saying "well it wasn't someone NEW" but he didn't even say that. Granted he ended up sending Lauren home so maybe that had something to do with not kissing her but he also didn't kiss Renee and she clearly said she wanted too. Plus I'm sure if they didn't see Clare and him kiss, that she at least mentioned it at some point in conversation and how would that make some of the non-kissed girls feel? He obviously likes Clare though that's for sure!

 And now its's time for the Bachelor Fantasy Leauge Standings:

Money League Standings after Week 4
LL: 890
DS: 860
JL: 760
JR: 650
SR: 380 
KW: 330 
ME: 315

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren HChristineVictoria
JR: Amy LChristiElise, Kat, Victoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, EliseLucyValerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, Kat, Andi
ME: AlexisChristi, Kat, LacyValerie
SR: AlexisAmy L, Chelsie, Kat, Lauren S
KW: AlexisAshley, Chelsie, Lauren HValerie

Received a Rose:
Alli, Andi, Cassandra, Chelsie, Clare, Danielle, Kat, Kelly, Nikki, Renee, Sharleen

Sent Packing:
Elise, Lauren S

Points Earned:
Involved in a real kiss: Sharleen (20), Clare (20)
Swears: Lauren (20), Kelly (20)
Cries: Kat (20), Lauren (20), Elise (20)
Says something like “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”, "I'm Here for Him", or “I’m Not Here for the Other Girls”
: Nikki (20)
Sings JP a Song: Sharleen (100 for FIRST + 30 for episode)
Receives a rose on group date: Nikki (30), Andi (30)
Gets a 1-on-1 Date: Sharleen (30)
Reads a Date Card: Alli (50), Kelly (50)
Receives first given rose at Ceremony: Renee (50) 

Eliminations Points:
JL:  50/each: Danielle, Lauren S, Alli, Kelly - 50 earned
JR: 100/each: Danielle, Lauren S - 100 earned
LL: 50/each: Danielle, Lauren S, Alli, Kelly - 50 earned
DS: 50/each:  Alli, Cassandra, Kelly, Lauren S - 50 earned
ME: 50/each:  Alli, Christy, Danielle, Alli - ZERO Earned
KW: 200/each:  Danielle - ZERO earned
SR: 200/each: Sharleen - ZERO earned

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