Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: Week 6

This season is pretty boring, there really hasn't been any true trouble maker causing a ton of drama. Very disappointing! They tried to make Nikki be that person, but it only lasted like one episode or so. 

Andi's date was pretty cool but the water was so noisy they really couldn't show what they were talking about. And seriously, she has a killer body, why is she only ever in one piece swim suits?? 

Juan Pablo annoys me so much with Clare. It was too "inappropriate" to "make-out" in the ocean at 4am but it's perfectly ok to make out in his private suite and get changed into his clothes? Such a hypocrite. I mentioned last week she's my least favorite, but I wouldn't be upset if she won, they seem like the type of people that deserve each other. And he learned another new english word to go along with bland, bolt! yey, he's really growing his mind here!

OMG, that group date looked so freaking awesome!! I looked it up and apparently they have those OGO Balls in Ohio and Pennsylvania (and other countries, but those were the only states in the US). G and I are TOTALLY going to do that one day. I felt bad that Renee and I think it was Kat or Chelsie didn't get to go down alone with JP (well not that they showed anyways). 


And when he let Cassandra go, I thought it was nice that he did it before the ceremony, but her reaction "I've been waiting my whole life for love" - seriously?? You are 22 and go knocked up by a NBA player, give it some time, you'll find love. 

Renee is probably my favorite girl left on the show but I think she's too good for JP but I could honestly see her going all the way because she definitely would be a great Mom to Camilla and I know that's one of the main things he is looking for. If she doesn't make at least top 3, I'd be surprised. Very surprised. 

I'm down to ZERO girls on my Fantasy Team, so I need to make some really awesome elimination guesses if I can have a chance to come back (I'm pretty sure even if I got all 200 pts each week remaining - which is unlikely - I'd still not even hit 3rd place, boo!) My MIL is kicking ass and still has 3 girls in the game!

And now its's time for the Bachelor Fantasy League Standings: 

Money League Standings after Week 6
DS: 1380
LL: 1210
JL: 1160
JR: 1020
KW: 730
ME: 685
SR: 450

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren HChristineVictoria
JR: Amy LChristiElise, KatVictoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, EliseLucyValerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, Kat, Andi
ME: AlexisChristi, Kat, LacyValerie
SR: AlexisAmy L, Chelsie, Kat, Lauren S
KW: AlexisAshley, Chelsie, Lauren HValerie

Received a Rose:
Andi, Chelsie, Clare, Nikki, Renee, Sharleen

Sent Packing:
Cassandra, Kat

Points Earned:
Involved in a real kiss: Andi (20), Nikki (20), Renee (20), Sharleen (20), Clare (20)
Swears: Andi (20), Sharleen (20)
Cries: Cassandra (20), Kat (20), Sharleen (20)
Receives a rose on group date: Sharleen (30)
Gets a 1-on-1 Date: Andi (30), Clare (30)
Reads a Date Card: Clare (50), Renee (50)
Receives first given rose at Ceremony: Nikki (50)

Eliminations Points:
JL:  100/each: Cassandra, Kat - 200 earned
JR: 100/each: Cassandra, Chelsie - 100 earned
LL: 50/each: Cassandra, Kat, Renee, Chelsie - 100 earned
DS: 50/each:  Andi, Clare, Chelsie, Sharleen - ZERO earned
ME: 100/each:  Kat, Nikki - 100 earned
KW: 200/each:  Kat - 200 earned
SR: 100/each: Sharleen, Clare - ZERO earned

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  1. Renee is just so desperate, he could beat all of the other girls up and she'd be all about it just to be married again. And besides, he might say he wants a good mom for Camilla, but we all know he just wants to boink as many girls as he can as often as he can.


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