Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bachelor Recap / Fantasy Standings: Week 8 (Part 1)

I hate that it was a double episode week, as much as I love this train-wreck, 4 hours of Juan Pablo is too much for me, I've got things to do (like sleep!) at night! 

  • I thought Nkki's hometown went well, but her date was lame. 
  • I loved Andi's date, although I definitely didn't picture her to be a "southern girl" even though I knew she was from Atlanta. I want to learn to shoot a gun (it's on my 30x30 list) so I think it's badass that she knows how and is good at it. Andi's Dad's response to Juan Pablo about how he feels about potential engagement was absolutely PERFECT!
  • Renee is falling and I feel bad. I stand by the comment that I think she's too good for him and am glad she got sent home. It's definitely a blessing in disguise. 
  • I find it funny that Nikki and Renee couldn't say they love him and then Andi is trying to convince herself she loves him. 
  • Clare's date was lame but very sweet. If it was a different guy I'd say it was perfect. 
  • Clare's one sister is such a bitch. Seriously, let Momma talk. 

More tomorrow night... which looks like it should be a good episode!

And now its's time for the Bachelor Fantasy League Standings: (which I am totally not winning-boo!)

Money League Standings after Week 8 (Episode 1)
DS: 2270
JL: 1560
JR: 1470
LL: 1410
KW: 900
ME: 885
SR: 740

The Teams:
JL:  Elise, Lucy, Lauren HChristineVictoria
JR: Amy LChristiEliseKatVictoria
LL: Alli, Cassandra, EliseLucyValerie
DS: Victoria, Sharleen, Nikki, Kat, Andi
ME: AlexisChristiKat, LacyValerie
SR: AlexisAmy LChelsieKat, Lauren S
KW: AlexisAshleyChelsieLauren HValerie

Received a Rose:
Clare, Nikki, Andi

Sent Packing:

Points Earned:
Made it to Top 3: Andi (75), Clare, (75), Nikki (75)
Involved in a real kiss: NIkki (20), Andi (20), Renee (20), Clare (20)
Cries: Renee (20), Clare (20)
Receives first given rose at Ceremony: NIkki (50)
First girl to say I love You: Renee (50) 

Eliminations Points:
JL: 200/each: Renee - 200 earned
JR: 200/each: Renee - 200 earned
LL: 200/each: Andi - ZERO earned
DS: 100/each:  Andi, Care  - ZERO earned
ME: 100/each: Andi, Renee - 100 earned
KW: 200/each: Andi - ZERO earned
SR: 200/each: Andi - ZERO earned
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  1. Loved your recap! I am the same with the double episode, I feel like the episode are already so long haha They take up my whole night!

    1. I know right!!! But of course I'll still watch bc I love it!


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