Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two Years!

Today is G and my 2 Year Anniversary. Two years have FLOWN bye and I feel like it's been so many more. We were only together just over 2 years before getting married so it's not like we've been together forever but it certainly feels that way! I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else and I love the life we have built together! LOVE YOU G! You are an amazing Husband and I'm so thankful your friend tried to pick me up at the St. Pete Bowl that wonderful night in 2009! (I'll post that story another night)

Here are a few, ok more than a few, of my favorite pictures of US from the big day, two years ago:
First Look
First Kiss

First Dance

Last year, we did kind of stay-cation and stayed at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge for two nights and went to the parks. I had just had EM a few months before and didn't want to be too far away from her just yet, so this worked perfectly. We took EM into the park on Friday (it was her first time there) with us but did our own thing on Saturday. We had a wonderful time and ate at some nice restaurants. I especially loved that our room was on the safari and we had giraffes outside our window. 

right outside our balcony!

This year we took the cruise but since it didn't really work out how we wanted we planned to go somewhere (I mentioned in the cruise post about going to St. Augustine) this weekend but decided to just do at home date nights after EM goes to bed and then go to Disney on Saturday afternoon with EM. Maybe we'll make it a tradition, to always go to the Disney with the kid(s) in addition to getting away for a weekend. We said no matter what, we were going to be doing SOMETHING for our anniversary, every year.  We both feel it is super important to really focus on your relationship as husband and wife, especially once you become parents as so many couples forget about that part. This is also why we try to do date nights, twice a month! We are going to a nice dinner tonight at the Yachtmans Steakhouse and I'm really looking forward to that because I've heard it is AMAZING! and after all those pictures people posted on Valentine's Day I've been crazing a nice steak so this will really hit the spot! (we don't partake in V-Day since our Anniversary is 4 days later, we just celebrate US not the stupid hallmark holiday)

Glossy Blonde


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