Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday - Secrets!

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I was told yesterday that I’m a good secret keeper. I feel like everyone should be good secret keepers (within reason) but some people simply are not.. They are called secrets for a reason and if someone trusts you enough to tell you a secret, you should honor their wishes. I have a big mouth and need to be told “don’t tell anyone” and as long as I hear that, you know your secret is safe with me. Sometimes I may ask if I can tell G, and if they say yes, then I share with him, if they say no, he understands. He’s a good secret keeper too! I know certain people I can’t trust with secrets at all (usually it’s because they slip on accident, but still, can’t be trusted) and unfortunately for them, they find out important stuff with the rest of the world. I don’t have any of my own secrets currently, but I love being the secret keeper of someone elses!

I decided instead of giving out goody bags to the kids coming to EM’s 1st Birthday party with stupid, crappy little trinkets (which unless I’m spending a ton of $ on each bag, that’s what would be in them, and even the crappy stuff adds up quick!) I was going do goody bags with Mickey Cookies (her theme is Minnie Mouse but I only have a Mickey head cookie cutter). I feel like that is way better than stupid little toys. I hope the kids agree when they get them on Saturday.

We’re going to be super busy tonight setting up as much as we possibly can tonight before the BIG party tomorrow so that I only have to worry about food  in the morning before the party starts. Rain chance dropped to 40% but I’m still nervous about it. I’ll be pissed if the bounce house can’t be used because of the rain! G is getting the keg filled (yes, this parent is clearly for the parents) and I’ll be finishing the baking. Then we’ll set up the tables, chairs, and table cloths etc. I didn’t go crazy with centerpieces or anything, just a few printable things well hang up. I’ve seen some elaborate 1st (or any age really) birthday party décor (in fact my sister in law is AMAZING at decorating for parties and all of hers are done to a “T”) but I’m not creative enough nor am I willing to spend the money on all that stuff, so we’ve got coordinating plastic wear and cups/plates and table cloths and that’s about it.

Only 7 days until our next cruise, which is just a 3 nighter to the Bahamas. It’s a re-do of the one we went on in May where I was sick the entire time with a stomach bug. I’m looking forward to really relaxing on that one! Then 2.5 weeks later we’re going on Allure of the Seas for 7 nights! I am super excited about this one. It’s the biggest ship in the world right now and has so many awesome things on it like a zip line, aqua theater, carousal, ice-skating and so much more! We splurged on this cruse and it’ll be EM’s first Royal Caribbean cruise (her 1st actual cruise was on Carnival in September). Gosh I sound spoiled, these will be the 3rd and 4th cruises of the year for me. LOVE living so close to the ports

This day last year, I had a meeting in Melbourne for work (the 15th). Today, I also have that same meeting in Melbourne (it’s a quarterly review and this is 4 quarters later and just happens to fall on the same exact day as last year). The difference, this year I will not be going into labor in the evening when I go to bed. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since my water broke and EM was on her way! She was almost 3 weeks early so I was NOT expecting her already, especially since everyone said “your 1st will be late”. I always knew the time would fly bye, but man, it REALLY flew bye!

can't believe she's going to be ONE!

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