Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EM's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was EM’s 1st Birthday and her Birthday Party. As I mentioned before, we went all out with the invite list and ended up with 51 adults and 13 babies/kids (including us), so a few no-shows/last minute cancellations (which I’m ok with last minute cancellations, I understand things come up/people get sick, but I really think no-shows are kind of rude, at least shoot over a text and say something has come up). But anyways, it doesn’t really matter, everyone had a great time! A special thanks to my mom for making the appetizers and my in-laws for making the main course and sides! It saved me a ton of time/stress with the prep work! I seriously have the most awesome parents and in-laws. Not too many people can say that about their in-laws! My parents and Grandma came over early to help me set up and run a few last minute errands (like picking up the cakes/ice/etc.) So that too was great! Anyways, on to the party recap..  I had gotten a bounce house since there were a bunch of kids coming, for the most part the weather held out (we had to dry it off after a short morning sprinkle but after that it was good to go). It got used the entire party! Even after the party ended, a few of us adults went in there and bounced around. Man that thing is a work out! We had wayyyy too much food and cake so my coworkers benefited with the leftovers on Monday. EM’s cake smash was by far the most epic cake smash ever! We were asked several times if we practiced (we didn’t) and were told they’ve never seen a baby get so into it. She was a complete mess and got the most public bath of her life in the kitchen sink after the smashing. My floors and area rug were covered in cake and icing (not to self: with next child, we do it outside!). Most babies sleep during part of their birthday parties, not mine. She was passed around and loved on by so many people. She never once whined and even enjoyed the bounce house! Overall, it was a successful party and I think everyone can agree it was a good time! We had a “you know you’re getting old when…” moment that evening. “You know you are getting old when: the party is cleaned up (for the most part), dishwasher is going, and the first toy is put together, and it’s not even 9pm”.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the party, I made a few collages so that I didn’t clog the whole post with pictures .

Smash Cake Time

Just a few of my favorites!

Bounce house fun!

Look at her adoring her Nan, meeting little Keaton for the first time and she even shared her birthday with her Paca (my dad) and got him a cookie cake to celebrate! Lots of smiles!

and what you all have been waiting for... the EPIC CAKE SMASH!

(the long video wouldn't post but here is the snapshot where she threw it haha)

I can't believe I have a one year old!! This has been one amazing year!

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