Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Wednesday

I took a look at our Christmas List (those that we are buying for) and yep, we only have ONE person completed. Time to get shopping! (and NOT black Friday shopping, hopefully I can get most on Amazon and/or at Target )

Last year we bought EM like one or two things because we “had” to get her something since it was her first Christmas at 5 weeks old. Well this year, she still isn’t going to know what is going on and she just got spoiled on her birthday and I know the family will spoil her on Christmas so I don’t feel the need to really get her much (let’s be honest, she’ll enjoy the wrapping/tissue paper more than the gifts anyways). We already got her Christmas PJs (a new tradition we started last year, it’ll be the one gift we all open on Christmas Eve each year) and that is all. I was discussing this with my friend Katie(who has an awesome beauty products blog – check it out!) and she told me about an idea her sister was doing with her niece that she found on a blog (Katie doesn’t have any kids yet, although I’m dying for the day she tells me she is pregnant!). I thought it was a very cute idea and I think it is perfect! You pretty much get 4 gifts (Plus stocking stuffers, which I still think EM is too young to really enjoy, so maybe we’ll start those next year): something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR (check!), and something to READ. The blog talks about how they have since expanded to: something to WATCH, something for DRESS UP, something to LISTEN TO, something to EAT and something to CREATE; and I love that idea, especially for the younger kids. I’m not going to say in the future we won’t go crazy with gift buying for EM and future children (I’m sure we will!), but I’d like to at least use these categories in the future. I think it will help prevent us from going TOO overboard in the future since I know our families will. This is a picture from last year at 5 weeks old (only two of those gifts were from us) – some of the thing she still isn’t old enough for! (also not pictured is Elf on the Shelf) 

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What do you do about Christmas Gifts for kids? Do you put a limit on quantity of gifts per child (i.e. each child gets 5 items to open) Dollar value per kid? Just buy whatever? A big family gift? Don’t buy gifts at all?

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