Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans - Part 1

Since I had a busy weekend, I’m going to split my post into two sections. This is Weekend Shenanigans Part 1 (Part 2 is here)

Friday we didn’t do much after work because we had a race early the next morning.  Saturday morning, we had to leave the house by 5:30 am to make it to the Give Kid the World (GKTW) Gingerbread Run 5k. The race was a ton of fun as usual. It went through the GKTW village (and surrounding neighborhood). This place is awesome! This is also the ONLY race I fundraise for out of the many, many races I participate in each year. 
EM and I exploring the Village pre-race

Our team, Team Tailgate, was the 3rd highest fundraising team only to be beat by Nickelodeon Hotel and Boston Market. That’s pretty impressive considering we are just 10 friends/family vs two corporations. Our official total ended up being $7,500 (although at time of the sign printing, we were at $7,257). The top 3 teams get a tent with race goodies (pre/post-race snacks, access to massage tables, and special recognition + award). Fortunately/Unfortunately the original 3rd place team was kicked to 4th place during the last few hours of fundraising because Boston Market gave a huge donation which put them in 1st (which is fortunate for GKTW as that kind of donation is great, unfortunate for the 4th place team).  The 4th place team still got their Top Team tent, since that part was decided as of noon on 10/28 but unfortunately did not get the recognition at the event or the “award” for 3rd place. This saddened us because the 4th place team, Team Ashtyn, was a family from Mississippi that had visited GKTW  Village with their daughter and their daughter had lost her fight with Neuroblastoma on August 28th, 2013. They were running/walking in her honor, and every time I saw their pink team shirts with her picture, I teared up a little thinking about little Ashtyn and her family. It was just one small reminder of the many children who come to the GKTW Village each year to live out their final wishes and enjoy a care-free week of fun and excitement.  

Team Tailgate getting ready to start

We asked if we could give up 3rd place and have this family recognized as it would mean more to them, than us, however it wasn’t allowed. We did privately give them our award (team names weren’t on them) as a memento of the race for the family.
As for the race itself, it was great. Running through the village, and seeing everything they have to offer was great. They had more entertainment than a Disney race, which is hard to beat.  They had different themes in different parts of the course (in the Village they celebrate Christmas and Halloween once a week, so each family can celebrate it once more since it may be their last). A ton of characters dressed up, cheerleaders, and even some of the wish families standing outside their cottages to cheer on the runners/walkers. This race had a ton of kids and families participating, which is wonderful to see. There were participants from all over the US (maybe even outside the country) I overheard some folks saying they came in from Alaska because they care so much for this organization! 

Post Race Picture with our Award 
EM sporting her Finisher's Medal in her GKTW onesie!
I ran the race (although had way too many pre-race snacks and my stomach was feeling a little too full for most of the race) and G jogged/walked it with his buddy. EM was pushed in her stroller by her Nan and Pappy (her Nan’s first 5k ever) and the rest of the members of our team either walked or ran. After I finished the race, I circled back and met up with EM and my inlaws and walked their last mile or so with them and crossed the finish line a 2nd time J Since this race only had ending chip times, (meaning everyone’s chip starts at the same time) it’s hard to really use their time/rankings since I know I personally didn’t cross the start line until around 2 mins after the race/clock started, but here are my race stats anyways.

My Stats:
Official Chip Time: 38:05 (Overall Pace of 12:17)
Place: 303 of 959 Adult Finishers
Place: 179 of the 606 Adult Women Finishers
My RunKeeper stats:
3.13 miles in 35:53 (overall pace of 11:25)
Fastest Mile: #1 at 10:43
Slowest Mile #3 at 12:09

(Not posting G’s stats since he didn’t really run it)

G and I with our pretty little EM

Sami's Shenanigans

What did you do this weekend? Run any fun races?

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