Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

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I’m finally off the ipsy waiting list. Yey! Apparently, all I had to do was allow them to connect with the FB and it jumped the “wait list” (and then I quickly un-allowed that connection once I got confirmed that my ipsy order is going through!). I was thinking of getting my sister a subscription for Christmas since I have no idea what to get her, but they don’t have any gift subscriptions left, boo. (She just started getting Birchbox which is what I was going to get her since I heard her talking about wanting it, but she went and signed up herself so that gave me the idea to maybe get ipsy since it’s the same price)

A cold front came through (in Florida, that means we dropped into the 50-60’s!) so I was able to wear my boots and leggings yesterday and again today. I was super excited since I just got some new leggings and boots! Although, the temps for the weekend are projected to already be back in the high 70’s and I’m bummed that there is a 60% chance of rain. IT BETTER NOT RAIN!! I NEED to have the outside utilized for EM’s party on Saturday. I’ll be pissed if we can’t use the bounce house, plus 60+ adults and 20+ kids are not going to be able to fit into just the inside of my house (well they will fit, but not comfortably!) It hardly ever rains in November so I didn’t even think about it being a problem, yet looks like it may be a reality, boo!

So remember a few days ago, where I mentioned I listed some items that I found in “the box” on eBay? Well I sold one of them for $50! (obviously will be less after fees/shipping, etc) but not bad for something that has been sitting in my box for two years (well it was actually the box to my Garmin GPS that was in the box, the Garmin itself has been sitting unused in my car for 2 years) I’m pretty sure I only paid around $80-90 for it originally more than 2 years ago.  

My cube mate at work introduced me to these great little pre-made salad bowls byReady Pac. They come in a handful of varieties and the two I’ve tried so far have both been great! They have just the right amount of dressing and most are around 210 calories (there was a few more that were closer to 300 calories so I didn’t pick up any of those) They were BOGO at Publix this week making them $2 each (sale ended yesterday- boo! and don’t think they are worth the regular price of $4 each). I will however keep my eye out for sales on these in the future! They even come with a plastic fork so you can really grab and take them on the go! These are the two I tried that were both delicious. I know they aren’t as healthy as making them yourself, but when I make salads myself I put so much CRAP on them that this is much better for me. This was the Cranberry Walnut, but I also tried the Asian Style Chicken. Can't wait for them to go on sale again!

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