Monday, November 11, 2013

UCF Football and Friends - Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend flew bye, as most do! I was off on Friday (LOVE a 9/80 schedule!) Unfortunately I wasn't able to really do much on Friday because I had to sit around waiting for various contractors to show up between their designated windows to fix things as part of our 1-year anniversary of our house. And of course that 9am-12pm window turned into 8:30am-2:30pm window. (Yes, one guy showed up 30 mins early! If I hadn't already been awake I would have been pissed) The last guy who showed up was done by 11:30 but one contractor just didn't show up at all and I gave up at 2:30 (got it rescheduled for next week when G is working from home) and went and got my MUCH needed pedicure!

Friday night we went over to my in-laws for a few hours to hang out as my MIL had friends in from PA who hadn't met EM yet so we stopped bye to show her off! 

Saturday was another UCF Football Game! I love, love, love tailgating! It's just so much fun! The game didn't start until 7pm but EM and I arrived at 11:30am (official tailgating couldn't start until noon). EM took her morning nap in the car on the way there and was an angel the rest of the day! We ate some good (aka crappy for you) tailgate food, drank some beer and hung out with the usual Team Tailgate and other friends for 7 glorious hours! I put EM in my soft carrier and she fell asleep in like 15 minutes of the start of the game, we then transferred her to the umbrella stroller and she slept the rest of the game. (Her and I left in the 3rd quarter because I was tired). She slept great between all the transfers between strollers/carseats/crib. UCF didn't look like they were going to win this game, it was very close and they weren’t playing the great. They ended with a 19 to 14 win over Houston, which was the only other non-defeated team in the AAC. This makes us 7-1 overall and undefeated in the conference. This win really improved our rankings too: Up to 15 (from 19) in the AP; up to 19 (from 21) in the USA Today; and up to 17 (from 21) in the BCS! EM's 1st tooth also finally broke through! She had been drooling a lot, but since we always think she's teething, we didn't question it too much, but her tooth popped through, you can see it and feel it! FINALLY! 

having fun, playing at the tailgate

G and I

EM and I during the 1st quarter, cuddles before sleep


sleeping like an angel through the noise

On Sunday, I drove to my hometown to get my hair done! Love a fresh foil and cut! My parents watched EM while I was at the hair stylist and then we all hung out for a few hours. I then spent a few hours visiting with one of my BFF's. She loved getting to see EM and I loved getting to see her two kiddos and her too of course! It sucks when we grow up and move away, but you know you have true BEST friends and a strong relationship when you don't let hundreds and hundreds of miles interfere with a friendship! I'm just glad she's finally back on the east coast, when she lived in Cali, the time difference sucked! and I didn't take any pics of the kids playing or us gabbing, guess I'm not a true blogger yet! In fact, I didn't even take any pics of EM yesterday, it's the first day of her life that not one picture was taken by anyone :( total fail, her first year daily collage is going to be empty for November 10th. I did take this one of my hair though :)

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