Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow blog readers! I'm thankful for so much, not just today, but every day! Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!!

I got most of my Christmas Shopping done yesterday via and As much as I love a good deal, I love the convienince of online shopping. I do a little online price comparison and hit check out! Plus, Amazon is offering an additional 5% back on my chase card this quarter so that makes it a little more of an incentive to avoid Black Friday madness (and they have their own Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales which I obviously didn't wait for). And I always gets 5% off and free shipping at Target with my RedCard sooo that makes me a big Target shopper too! 

I totally haven't been running much at all lately and with the Space Coast Half Marathon on Sunday, I'm totally going to regret that when I can barely move on Monday. And then another half marathon 6 days later, what was I thinking? (Oh yes, I remember - super cool medals!)

Last night we played this game Partini over at my in-laws, it was a blast! We played for hours! We then started monopoly (Millennium Edition) but I quit at 1 am as I was super tired. I was losing anyways but regardless I love game nights! (we weren't planning on games but G suggested it and we all went along with it) Maybe we'll make this a Thanksgiving Eve tradition :)

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