Friday, November 29, 2013

First Year Favorites - Toys

For today’s edition of FIVE on FRIDAY, I’m going to post about EM's FIVE favorite toys over her first 12 months. She got a ton of new ones for her 1st birthday (and I’m sure more to come for Christmas), so maybe I’ll do a post in about 6 months with her new favorites then.  This is the follow on to my post yesterday about our First Year Favorites.

(1) Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror: This was one of the first toys (besides a few small rattles and soft things) I took out for EM. She received a ton on her first Christmas but was only 5 weeks old, so many of them were saved in her closest till she was big enough for them (in fact some still are as they were aged 18+ months – she’ll have a birthday and 2nd Christmas before she’s ready for those lol) She loved being able to look at herself in the mirror, spin the scroll to make music, play (and chew) on the pieces and open and close the compact. The songs are cute and not too annoying and it has a soft and louder volume which I liked. It was a great first toy to give her! (Age: 6+ Months or once sitting up)

(2) Kidoozie Peep N Peep Eggs: To say EM loved these eggs would be an understatement. Personally, I could do without. They scatter easily and hurt when you step on them, but since she loves them, we keep them around. Although, sometimes we don’t take them out and defer her to other toys when we get sick of cleaning them up. She loves taking them out, dumping them over, opening and closing the case, throwing the shells, and carrying them in her hands when she crawls around. I don’t know what it is about them, but she loves them. She doesn’t match the shapes on the bottom yet (you can’t see in the picture but on the bottom of each egg is a shape that is specific to its spot in the carton) but I’m sure she will eventually. (Age: 6+ Months or once sitting up)

(3) Oball Rainstick Rattle (ball): This was good for when she was pretty little. She liked me holding it over her and tried to grab and kick it and seemed to enjoy the rain stick sound it made. She could easily grab on to it and push it around. Even as a crawler she seemed to like it. (Age: 2+ months)

(4) Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Muscial Dino: Now that EM crawls, she really likes this toy. She makes the balls pop and chases after the ones that roll away. It’s fun to watch her play with this one because the popping stops after a minute or two and then she sticks her hand in there and it pops some more and she laughs! To be honest, she’s so into balls of all kind right not, she’d probably love any toy with them but this was the main one she played with before  she got several new ball ones for her birthday. (Age: 9+ Months or once crawling)
(5) Green Toys My First Stacker/Shape Sorter:  Ok, so there are two here, but they are both basic  basic toys that have been around for ages so they both count (maybe not these SPECIFIC ones, these just happen to be the ones she has, but the same concept). The stacker toy was another Citrus Lane find and she can’t really stack them the correct way herself yet but she does try and loves to knock them over once I stack them up for her. The shape sorter is another one which can occupy her for a decent amount of time. She likes to dump the shapes out, tries to put some of them in the sorter if I help her (she’s mastered the circle), and loves to carry the shapes in each hand as she crawls around the house.  (Age: 6+ Months or once sitting up)

What were your kids favorite toys for the first year?

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