Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

EM hit another milestone yesterday! She pulled herself into a standing position (in her daycare crib), twice! Of course, I didn't see it but to be safe we lowered her crib mattress last night anyways. Hopefully I'll get to witness it soon enough! I won't lie, I was getting a little nervous that she hadn't pulled herself up yet. I know, I know, every baby develops at different rates and whereas I'm not ready for her to be walking yet, the not pulling herself up at 11.5 months did have me a little nervous. Glad she finally did it!

My mother-in-law wanted to start an annual tradition with EM and even though she's a little young this year, I thought it was a cute (and good "giving back" lesson) so they started it last night. Each year my MIL dresses some teddy bears and donates them to the Salvation Army (she does this with her job) so she thought it would be fun to bring Em with her to pick out the clothes for the bears and to start teaching (and in the future re-iterate philanthropy) about giving back. 

It's another home UCF Football Weekend! We had a bye week last weekend but some of our rankings improved due to some other ranked teams losing: up to 21 on BCS (from 23), up to 22 on USA Today (from 22), and stayed at 19 on the AP! We're playing Houston at 7pm on ESPN2 (in case you want to tune in!) It's our homecoming game so hoping we have a good crowd! We're bringing EM to this game too. She did great at the last one, but it was at noon, so it may be harder this time around since it starts at bedtime. She normally can sleep anywhere though so we're bringing the soft carrier and hoping she'll sleep on one of our chests. Worst case we have to leave early, but hoping we don't have to!

Sunday, I'm getting my my hair done. It always feels so good to get my roots fixed. I go way to long in between colorings and currently looking like I'm trying out the ombré look (I promise, I'm not). I always feel so good after I get my hair done. Good trim, nice blonde highlights. I even end up "doing" my hair a little more often! If I didn't insist on going to my lady in my hometown (over an hour away) I'd probably get it done more often. 

After I get my hair down on Sunday, I get to spend the afternoon with my BFF who is visiting (same hometown) from North Carolina! So excited to see her and her two kiddos! I only get to see them a few times a year so whenever she's visiting her family in our hometown,we make sure to see each other. One of these days/months, I'll make the trip up to see her (it's on my 30x30 list). My trip up there in April (or was it May? Can't remember) ended up getting cancelled due to plane/weather delays. 

We get packages from like 3 times a week usually so I knew we had ordered a few things for the house (like a TV mount, wall decal, etc) so I didn't rush to open the boxes since we weren't putting them up to the weekend. When G got home tonight he's says to me: "What'd you order in this big box?" Me: "I don't remember ordering anything, are you sure it's under my name?" It was. So we opened it, and much to my surprise it was a birthday present for me and one for EM!

so sweet that they: 1) read my Blog  and then
2) bought me something to help complete one of my 30x30 items
So I got a really cool picnic basket/wine tote (for MY kind of picnic!) and EM got her own Picnic Basket too!
It came fully stocked of all the supplies we need!

how cute is this??

EM definitely loved it! Hard to see in the pics, but she definitely had a smile on her face the entire time she was exploring the contents of her basket!

And that concludes another edition of ThursdayThoughts 
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