Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

[ONE] It rained on and off during the tailgate last night and it was making me nervous that I wasn't going to be able to goto the game since there was no way I would bring EM into a rain game. We stayed dry under our tents during the tailgate and luckily it stopped for the game so we were able to go in! EM stayed up much later than normal (especially surprised because she had her shots and took an early nap so figured she'd pass out early) She wasn't cranky at all, just sat on my (and other people's laps) and watched the game and "cheered" on our Knights until she finally fell asleep at 9:30 (2.5 hrs after her normal bed time). EM and I left at the start of the 4th quarter because I was getting tired and wanted to beat the traffic. The UCF Knights beat Rutger's Scarlett Knights 41 to 17. Which  is awesome because the last time we played them was in 2009 at the Beef o'Bradys bowl (where I met G) and they kicked our ass. Hopefully, this will increase our rankings again!

[TWO] EM's x-ray from yesterday came back normal! Yey! I knew it would but obviously since the Dr ordered it, we were going to go get it. She does have to use a nebulizer 2x a day until her cough gets better though. Lucky for us, we don't have to be the bad guys giving it to her the first few days since she's staying with my inlaws this weekend while we are on our weekend cruise. (Sorry Nan & Pap!) 

[THREE] Black Friday shopping is getting out of control! Supposedly people started camping out days ago in front of best buys. I've camped out once (at a best buy) a few years ago. I think we got there around 11-12am and brought some beer and had a good time (although my brother would disagree and was definitely super annoyed at my drunken self lol) - we got what we wanted that year (I think the stores had opened at like 5am that year). Even though it was a fun time I have no desire to do it again, ever. And definitely not days in advance. The deals can't be THAT good to waste days!! I'd much rather spend my Black Friday tailgating all day and watching UCF kick USF's ass this Black Friday!! 

[FOUR] I hate christmas shopping. Unless someone has an amazon wish list and then it's easy. I'm the worst gift giver when it comes to coming up with something creative/thoughtful which is the only reason I hate it. I love shopping for kids and to be honest if I could eliminate adult gift giving I would. With my Brother's kids, we've already made it no adult gifts. We buy for his 3 kids and they buy for EM. I'd rather spend the money on the kids and see their excitement and am glad they agree. And those kids are so adorable to watch open their gifts! Once my sister has kids, we'll do the same thing with her family but I told her I wouldn't leave her out just yet since she doesn't have kids and that would be super rude/mean. Which reminds me, I need to figure out what to get her!!  Speaking of my nieces and nephew, how beautiful are they: 

Ah, smiling, happy kids = melts my heart! If they weren't so expensive to raise, I'd have a boat load of kids! 

[FIVE] I'm hoping we have good weather on the cruise this weekend (we're on our way to the port now - and I'm in the back seat while G and Tommy chat so it was perfect time to blog!) I'm looking forward to relaxing on a beach with a drink in my hand, hopefully going to this fish fry place  in Nassau, and getting a good book read. It's only 3 nights and I'm sure  I'll do a good amount of sleeping and partying so I probably won't finish the book but at least I can get the one I wanted to read started.   

And we're on board now, so I'm signing off til Monday! 

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