Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

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It's UCF game day! Of course we're out here tailgating but since we can't officially start for a few more minutes figured I'd make a quick post :)

We started decorating for Christmas on Sunday night and finished on Monday night. We knew we wouldn't have much time after that to do it and since we aren't hosting Thanksgiving we decided to decorate away. We put on some Christmas music and Em "sang" along as we decorated the tree. It was so cute! I should have recorded it! We got a bunch of decorations for Christmas gifts last year (that's what I told my mom I wanted)  so I was happy to put them up, but we still need more. There are still a few more that need to go outside but am happy to have some more than we did last year! We also decided to not start our Elf of the Shelf until next year when Em can name it and really get into it. We also just acquired a new curio cabinet which is housing some decorations now as well, not sure what we'll put in it once Cheistmas is over though.

EM had her 12 month check up this morning and had to get 4 shots and a finger prick for an iron check. Her iron came back fine and she took her shots like a champ like usual. She is now 18 lbs 10.5 oz (still only in the 25th percentile) but she grew just a tad over 2 inches so her height us now in the 25th percentile too (it was in like 15th I think). Everything looks good with her although the Dr was a little concerned about her rattle in her chest and congestion/coughing so we had to get a chest x-ray to just make sure everything was ok. She did good during the x-ray but are atill waiting for the results but I'm pretty sure she just has a little cold and combined with teething it's causing more mucus but I guess we'll see in a few days. 

Tomorrow, G and I (and our friend Tommy) are heading out on a weekend cruise to the Bahamas, a little pre-cruise before the Allure in a few weeks! Can't freaking wait for the Allure, that ship looks amazing!! 

Well, time to crack a beer and then cheer on my Knights in a few hours! Go UCF Knights! #chargeon #BeatRutgers

Any fun weekend plans? Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Would love to hear from you!

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